Est. 2012, Alabama's Classical Pilates Studio & Centre for Instructor Education | The Expertise to Teach All Levels | Specializing in Rehabilitative Pilates | Centerline Balanced Body Apparatus Suite | Whole Person Wellness Focused - Options for Aerial Yoga & Licensed Massage Available.

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  • Small Classes & Extraordinarily Qualified Movement Educators

  • State-of-the Art Balanced Body Centerline Classical Apparatus Suite

  • The Expertise to Teach All Abilities and All Ages

  • The Pilates Discerning Students of the Classical Method Desire

Be well in your body at any age! Join our friendly community to experience a studio with a mission of “whole person” wellness. No matter which of our offerings you choose, you will tone and sculpt lean muscle — all while lifting your mood and aligning your entire body.

Welcome to Aero Joe Pilates!


"Change comes through movement and movement heals.”

— Joe Pilates


As a mental heath professional, I encourage clients to take care of themselves with exercise- particularly mind-body work. Some of the concepts of breath work and mindfulness are critical to managing anxiety and other emotional/physical concerns. 

When I began coming to Aero Joe Pilates, I realized how important the words I had been saying truly were. Without a doubt coming to the various classes I’ve attended has helped me in managing my own stress level. It is more than exercise. It is life enhancing work. I have walked in with concerns of the day and recognized in the moments of focus on my breathing, what my body is carrying and honing in on particular movements, after an hour, I walk out relaxed with a different perspective on my concerns that I initially carried in with me. It truly has been a self care investment that has changed my life. 

The wonderful instructors care about teaching you how to focus, be intentional and move with mindfulness in body and spirit. Thank you all for what you do !!

Sara L. Hoover, MA, LMFT
Continuum Counseling and Consulting, LLC


"As I reached my one year anniversary of joining Aero Joe Pilates studio, I was inspired to reflect upon the incredible transformation that the individual and small group classes have produced in my overall fitness, strength, and flexibility, as well as my mental strength and balance.  Aside from the amazing results I have experienced in mind and body fitness, I can say that I truly love attending each of the classes, and the friendly professionalism and skill of all the instructors cannot be overstated. I have come to consider the staff at Aero Joe a part of my extended family and know that this first anniversary will be one of many in the years ahead.  Joining Aero Joe Pilates was and still is one of the best decisions I have ever made."
– David Eakin

"For the first time in four to five years my left leg is feeling much better. The routine you used works-WOW!!!!  The pain is minimal ( 90 percent gone away) !! Can you believe  it !!!! You guys are the best in the world."
-George Munchus


"I called to set up a first ever Pilates class this week and was worked in the next day!  The class was orderly, tailored to my goals, and fun. I actually felt better and better throughout the rest of the day after my class. I will definitely be returning, and would highly recommend Aero Joe Pilates!"
-Steve Smith