Be well in your body at any age! Our expert movement educators teach Joe Pilates' Original Method in private lessons and small group classes. Featuring a Balanced Body Centerline Classical apparatus suite, our extraordinary expertise allows us to teach all ages and abilities. Aerial Yoga too!

Joe Pilates' Original Method Experience 



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Join us to experience Joe Pilates' original method!  We invite you to trust your fitness goals to our highly-vetted team with comprehensive Classical training. Helmed by teachers with over 800 hours of lineage-based education, we offer the full corrective benefits of Pilates. Now is your time to experience meaningful mind-body change. We are Birmingham's premiere Classical studio (Est. 2012). Welcome to Aero Joe Pilates!


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  • 1st Visit Pilates Equipment Class Only $19!

  • 1st Visit Pilates Mat Class FREE!

  • 1st Visit Aerial Yoga Class Only $19! 




Our client-centered studio features a full suite of top-of the-line Balanced Body Centerline apparatus engineered from Joe Pilates' original designs. 




"Change comes through movement and movement heals.”

— Joe Pilates


"I love the instructors...! They make classes fun and challenging! I highly recommend trying out this studio. I love Pilates, and am learning so much... The staff make(s) me look forward to going in for both pilates classes and aerial yoga." - Kari Moore


"I was so excited about my first time to Aero Joe. I loved working on the reformer and loved the whole feel and vibe of the studio. I have already scheduled 2 more private sessions, and plan to continue after that with classes. [The instructor] guided and helped me so much.  What a great workout and I look forward to working out often at the studio." - Dolly King

"As I reached my one year anniversary of joining Aero Joe Pilates studio, I was inspired to reflect upon the incredible transformation that the individual and small group classes have produced in my overall fitness, strength, and flexibility, as well as my mental strength and balance.  Aside from the amazing results I have experienced in mind and body fitness, I can say that I truly love attending each of the classes, and the friendly professionalism and skill of all the instructors cannot be overstated. I have come to consider the staff at Aero Joe a part of my extended family and know that this first anniversary will be one of many in the years ahead.  Joining Aero Joe Pilates was and still is one of the best decisions I have ever made."
– David Eakin

"For the first time in four to five years my left leg is feeling much better. The routine you used works-WOW!!!!  The pain is minimal ( 90 percent gone away) !! Can you believe  it !!!! You guys are the best in the world."
-George Munchus


"I called to set up a first ever Pilates class this week and was worked in the next day!  The class was orderly, tailored to my goals, and fun. I actually felt better and better throughout the rest of the day after my class. I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend Aero Joe!"
-Steve Smith