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Aero Joe, Inc. Liability Waiver and Consent to Train

I acknowledge that I, individually, have chosen to participate in fitness training, including, but not limited to, Pilates, Aerial Yoga, and group fitness classes, provided by Aero Joe, Inc. I acknowledge the risks and the potential risks of physical exercise, and individually assume these risks.

I understand that, although Aero Joe, Inc., its officers, directors, owners and/or employees make reasonable efforts to provide a safe fitness experience, there are inherent risks, which occur as a result of any such physical activity.

I understand the possibility of bodily injury inherent in any physical and/or fitness training endeavor, and that I am responsible for my own participation.

I represent that I am in good health and suffer from no physical impairment, which would limit my use of Aero Joe, Inc.’s facility or instruction. I further represent that I carry full and complete medical insurance coverage. I acknowledge that the Aero Joe, Inc. has not rendered and will not render any medical advice including medical diagnosis of my physical condition. Likewise, Aero Joe, Inc. is not responsible for administering any medical treatment or emergency aid. By signing this waiver, I give Aero Joe, Inc., its officers, agents, servants and employees my explicit consent to attempt to summon emergency assistance for me should I need such aid, and I understand that I will be responsible for all charges associated with the rendering of such aid. Notwithstanding, should any individual associated with Aero Joe, Inc. attempt to assist me unsuccessfully in an emergency situation, I will not hold Aero Joe, Inc. or such individual liable for his or her efforts.

I hereby, intending to be legally bound for myself, my heirs, assigns, beneficiaries, and executors, specifically agree to assume the risks, both foreseen and unforeseen, associated with my participation in the fitness training. I waive and release all claims against Aero Joe, Inc., its officers, employees, agents, co-members and contractors, including any and all claims for damage caused by the negligence of any of them, arising out of my involvement with Aero Joe, Inc., its fitness programs, and its facilities. I further acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions while I am participating in fitness activities at the Aero Joe, Inc. facility.

Further, I agree to hold harmless, release, and further discharge Aero Joe, Inc., and all of its directors, officers, agents, servants and employees from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of action on account of or resulting from my participation in the training program, and which may result from causes beyond the control of, and without the fault or negligence of Aero Joe, Inc., its directors, officers, agents, servants or employees, during my participation in the activities described herein.

I acknowledge that I have read this release and waiver and fully understood its contents. I have been fully and completely advised of the potential dangers incidental to engaging in the activity and instruction of fitness training and I am fully aware of the legal consequences of signing this release. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: I understand that if I must cancel a scheduled appointment,
I must notify AERO JOE at least 24 HOURS in advance or I will be held responsible for payment in full.

*If you are under 18, you must have your parent's permission. *
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