Summer Bingo is Here!

June - July, 2019

1st Prize: 2 Single Private Lessons ($150 Value)

2nd Prize: 1 Duet Lesson (2 person) ($100 Value)

3rd Prize: 1 Hour Massage with Meg Colvin, LMT @ Aero Joe Pilates ($85 Value)

4th Prize: 1 Single Pilates Equipment or Aerial Yoga Class ($25 Value)

To Enter: Starting June 1st, you can pick up a BINGO card at Aero Joe Pilates. Pick one up anytime June - July!

To Play: Achieve one consecutive line of goals on your card anytime from June - July, 2019. An Aero Joe Pilates staff member should initial your card for each goal you complete. Some items you complete on your own will be on an honor system, but please do have a staff member initial all items you wish to count towards BINGO. BINGO cards must be turned in by June 31st.

To Win: Participants only need one line of goals completed to be entered to win. (You do not need to reach a full, completed BINGO card to win.) There will be a random drawing from our entries. Prize winners will be notified via e-mail by August 6th.

Summer BINGO Goals: Remember You Only Need One Line to Win!

1) Book Any of the Following at Aero Joe Pilates:

a) Pilates Equipment Class

b) Pilates Mat Class

c) Aerial Yoga Class

d) Private Lesson

e) Any Saturday Session! - Better Yet, Attend the Pepper Place Farmers Market too for a 2-Fer! (See #6!)

f) Massage (Please contact Meg Colvert, LMT for scheduling: 205.249.2393)

d) Pure Movement Summit a la Carte Class (View the Workshop Tab Via Aero Joe’s MindBody Site or Call: 205.202.5758 ||

2) Bring a friend! Initial Visit Pilates Classes are ALL FREE this Summer… Bring Your Bestie!

3) Write an Online Review of Aero Joe Pilates (You can count an old review, if you have already written one!)

a) Facebook Review

b) Google Review

4) On Your Own Workouts:

a) At-Home Workout

b) Beach Workout Pic - Better Yet, Post a Beach Pilates Pic & Tag Us for a 2-Fer! (See #5)

5) Post & Tag Us on Social Media

6) Attend the Saturday Pepper Place Farmers Market. We’ll See You There!

Thanks for playing! Enjoy staying active this summer, and supporting your favorite Pilates studio and instructor team in the process! Have a great summer everyone!