The Pure Movement Summit in Birmingham, AL

July 25 - 27, 2019

Master Classes and Advanced Study Workshops for:

  • Movement Educators (PMA CEC’s for Pilates Instructors!)

  • Physical Therapists

  • Pre-Professional & Professional Dancers

  • Advanced Pilates Students

    Announcing Jenna Zaffino, Pilates Educator, Career Strategist, Author and Prolific Host of the Pilates Unfiltered Podcast as Headlining 2019 Presenter! For full bio visit:



Though summit workshop content will lean toward Pilates for Dancers and Dance Injury Rehabilitation, all Pilates advanced-study content will be considered. Workshop content that is applicable to more than one movement modality (Pilates, Dance, Aerial Dance, Yoga, etc.) is encouraged.

Pilates presenters may use Aero Joe Pilates’ comprehensively equipped studio for presentations utilizing the equipment or Forma Arts + Wellness for Pilates Mat based presentations. Summit content will be provided for free to all workshop presenters at the discretion of the contracting hosts, to include some content with the headlining presenter. Please note that presenters will be responsible for their travel and accommodations during the summit.

Due December 15, 2018. Please e-mail a letter of interest along with the following to

  • Resumé or CV

  • Bio & Photo

  • Reference Contact Information: E-mail and Phone Number (Not applicable for Pilates Teachers Affiliated with Aero Joe Pilates.)

  • Workshop Title and Description or Outline (Please include recent experience / prior dates presenting the workshop, if any; any dates you are already contracted to present workshops in the Southeast US, 2018 - 2019; number of course hours needed for your presentation and any potential for CEC workshop accreditation through the Pilates Method Alliance or any other organization.)

Pure Movement Summit Tenants:

- All movement that is not pain inducing is good. 

- Human bodies are designed to move. Human bodies need movement. Pure movement, or movement for movement’s sake, brings healing and joy.

- The training of more efficient movement patterns, performed with less tension, brings the body closer to its origin in infant stage, lessening the muscular or postural imbalances caused in adult life by repetitive movements or detrimental motor patterns over time. 

The Pure Movement Summit Mission is Two-Fold:

  • To unite expert movement educators for advanced learning and networking opportunities.

  • To increase awareness of the benefits of Pilates for dancers for career advancement, longevity and versatility.

Pure Movement Summit Vision:

The summit serves to draw focus to excellence in movement education in Alabama, and fills a need by providing southeast US practitioners with more convenient access to the type of advanced study content that discerning movement educators demand and require.

While offerings lean towards Dance Medicine and Pilates for Dancers, all movement educators are invited to attend. The summit seeks to provide master level educational opportunities, uniting teachers of multiple movement modalities with inclusive content from Classical to Contemporary, Traditional to Modern. 

Photo credit: Melissa Dooley Photography