Pure Movement Summit July 26 - 28, 2019




Created in Community Partnership with Aero Joe Pilates and Forma Arts + Wellness as part of a Birmingham Movement Educators Alliance initiative.  

Announcing November 2018 our Headlining Pilates Master Instructor! Full line-up to be announced February 2019!

Now Accepting…


Primarily seeking class and workshop content that leans towards Pilates for Dancers and Dance Injury Rehabilitation, however all Pilates advanced-study content will be considered. Workshop content that is applicable to more than one movement modality (Pilates, Dance, Aerial Dance, Yoga) is encouraged.

Pilates presenters will use Aero Joe Pilates’ comprehensively equipped studio for presentations utilizing the equipment. Presenters will receive free tuition to the summit, including FREE workshops with our headlining master teacher. Please note that presenters will be responsible for their travel and accommodations during the summit.

Due December 15, 2018. Please e-mail the following to info@aerojoepilates.com:

  • Resumé or CV

  • Bio & Photo

  • Reference Contact Information: E-mail and Phone Number (Not applicable for Pilates Teachers or Physical Therapists Affiliated with Aero Joe Pilates.)

  • Workshop Title and Workshop Description or Outline (Please include recent experience / prior dates presenting the workshop, if any; any dates you are already contracted to present workshops in the Southeast US, 2018 - 2019; number of time / course hours needed for your presentation and any potential for CEC workshop accreditation through the Pilates Method Alliance or any other organization.)


Join the movement July 26 - 28, 2019! Teachers, serious students of dance and / or Pilates, and all movement therapy professionals are invited to attend.  Move with us and learn more about the formation of a Birmingham Movement Educators Alliance!

Pure Movement Summit Tenants:

- All movement that is not pain inducing is good. 

- Human bodies are designed to move. Human bodies need movement. Pure movement, or movement for movement’s sake, brings healing and joy.

- The training of more efficient movement patterns, performed with less tension, bring the body closer to it’s origin in infant stage, lessening the muscular or postural imbalances caused in adult life by repetitive movements or detrimental motor patterns over time. 

- Pure movement involves working with tension release techniques to produce the most efficient human motion. 

The Pure Movement Summit Mission is Two-Fold:

To increase awareness of the benefits of Pilates for professional dancers’ career advancement, versatility and longevity, and to unite expert movement educators with a common forum for advanced learning and networking opportunities.

Pure Movement Summit Vision:

In Alabama and beyond, pathways forged by the summit facilitate professional dancers’ access to Pilates training and education, thereby creating mutual benefits for both the broader Pilates and Dance industries. Specifically, Pilates develops uniform musculature, minimizes postural imbalances and creates more efficient motor patterns, increasing the duration of any athletes’ career, namely dancers. Dancers often transition well, when given the support necessary to access the opportunity, to teaching Pilates professionally, building their career versatility and financial viability. The broader Pilates community benefits from inspiring more interest in teaching while broadening awareness of the full benefits of Pilates for all.

Though content leans towards Pilates, Dance, Dance Medicine and Pilates for Dancers, the summit honors all movement backgrounds, from dance to fitness. The summit offers inclusivity from Classical to Contemporary, Traditional to Modern. 

Photo credit: Melissa Dooley Photography