Winter / Spring 2020

450 hrs

Fundamentals to Intermediate

Comprehensive: Mat & All Pilates Machines

Classically-Based with Multi-Lineage Influences

Informational Meetings: Informational Meetings:

Thursday, September 19th @ 6:30p

Complimentary Wine & Superfood Small Bites


Saturday, September 28th @ 4pm

Location: Aero Joe Pilates



Founded & Taught by Master Instructors Eva Kauffman & Lise Fischer, Streamline Pilates of Salt Lake City, UT

The nationally known Streamline Teacher Training Program (STTP) of Salt Lake City, Utah has been successfully sharing the knowledge and inspiration of the Pilates Method for more than 10 years. Eva and Lise have helmed the Salt Lake City studio Streamline Pilates for 20 years. Both are graduates of the prestigious Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, widely known as the “Harvard” of Pilates training institutions. Both went on to complete the Masters Program: Kathy Grant Heritage Training under the direct mentorship of Master Instructor Cara Reeser. Each year they study ardently with Master Teachers of all Pilates lineages and eagerly look forward to passing along their experiences to their trainees.

Host Liaisons Alison Page and Emily Tincher, Aero Joe Pilates of Birmingham, AL

Aero Joe Pilates, host to the Pure Movement Summit named on the wildly popular national podcast Pilates Unfiltered, is widely becoming known as a burgeoning centre for instructor education within the Southeast, U.S. Alison received her mat certification in 2003 in Louisiana and later graduated in 2005 from a comprehensive teacher training apprenticeship in New York City in the Classical lineage of Romana Kryzanowska. Alison went on to complete Cara Reeser’s Masters Program: Heritage Training in the lineage of Kathy Grant. Emily Tincher is a graduate of the prestigious Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Alison and Emily are impassioned to create pathways for students to experience the benefits of the complete Pilates system, and seek to play a role, however small, to preserve and promote all lineage instruction for future generations.

Classically Based, Multi-Lineage Influence

The STTP comprehensive training program uniquely encompasses the basic to intermediate levels on all of the equipment. The training is Classically based, and yet this always evolving program combines what we consider to be the best of all Pilates lineages, deriving directly from the students of the founder of the method Joseph Pilates. The program notably includes exercises developed by Elder Kathy Grant with direct permission from Master Instructor Cara Reeser. Contemporary and functional exercises are also touched upon.

Fully Comprehensive

The material is authentically crafted from experience to incorporate a modern approach to learning in a non-formulaic program which emphasizes all of the following: mindfulness, a foundational knowledge of biomechanics and teaching to the individual. With this proven, successful program you will minimize “gaps” in your education post-graduation. Educating from the ground up, we get down and dirty - - deep into the trenches of lineage based Pilates education on every apparatus, ensuring trainees are fully capable of stepping into the role of instructor more confidently from day one.

Achieve an Expert-Level of Understanding

Rather than simply learning a list of exercises, you will experience the extraordinary difference in your teaching when emphasis is placed upon developing real and artful expertise. You will learn foundational movement science to address multiple common client pathologies and an abundance of creative techniques from proven, time-tested methodologies. STTP graduates see and teach to the individual because “no one size fits all.” By learning to address the “whole person” successfully, graduates achieve the complete Pilates benefits for students. Weekends are open to audit by certified instructors who wish for a more fulfilling teaching experience.

Small Group Learning Environment

Our classes are small and intimate. This enables substantial personal mentoring and coaching. We pride ourselves on fostering a personal, individualized and highly interactive setting for learning. Through supportive, personalized coaching STTP develops teachers who are sophisticated, creative and artful in their teaching.

The Program is LIVE

STTP learning happens through in-person mentorship. There are no videos or lectures online. Program hours in mentorship include lecture and lab hours, observation, practice teaching, lessons, workouts and testing over the course of 6 months. All activities will take place at host studio Aero Joe Pilates in Birmingham, AL. Another plus… For those local in Birmingham, AL you will not need to fly out-of-state to receive some of the best Classically-based training in the country.

Attend as a Program Trainee or Audit for Continuing Education

STTP is open to anyone meeting the pre-requisites. Passionate intermediate level students simply wishing to deepen their practice are welcome to apply. Those that are serious about teaching that complete the STTP program will automatically be considered to join the Aero Joe Pilates team, pending openings available upon graduation. Auditing part or all of the training is an option for those teachers who are already certified, but are seeking a deeper, more fulfilling teaching experience.

Pre-Requisite Support

The Aero Joe Pilates team is here to support those wanting to meet the prerequisites for the training. Aero Joe Pilates currently boasts 6 fully trained instructors from whom you will gain insight, experience, and inspiration.

STTP staff believe it is critical that, first, trainees are serious students of Pilates before entering any teacher training program, and Streamline requires that you be a solid Intermediate level practitioner before entering the program. Aero Joe Pilates’ team will coach those wishing to apply in their Intermediate level training and provide pre-requisite support to create the required “performance” Intermediate Reformer Practice DVD for application submission.

Please See the Written Application Form Below.

For More Information:

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