The Aero Joe Difference

 Photo: Heather Campbell

Photo: Heather Campbell

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New to Pilates?

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see a difference and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” – Joe  Pilates

Through 60 years of research, Pilates was developed by Joseph (Joe) and his wife, Clara, with the goal of creating transformational exercise. Pilates, now a world renowned workout method, will help create a long, lean physique.  Perhaps even more beneficial, Pilates, derived from Joe’s original methodology, provides a host of corrective benefits — relieving postural imbalances, improving flexibility, easing chronic pain and more.

As revolutionary entrepreneurs, inventors, and movement therapists, Joe and Clara elevated exercise science to art. Our goal at Aero Joe is to uphold the integrity of Joseph "Joe" Pilates’ proven methodology while enhancing our client's overall well-being.

NEW Balanced Body Centerline Apparatus

Welcome to Birmingham's friendly neighborhood studio! We also happen to be the premiere Pilates studio in Birmingham, AL, Est. 2012.

Our NEW 2017 - 2018 Balanced Body CenterLine suite of apparatus was engineered using the dimensions of Joseph Pilates’ original designs to offer the original method experience. Located in historic Pepper Place, you will enjoy the inviting ambiance of our spacious studio as well as the convenience of adjacent award-winning restaurants, shops, and the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market (Saturdays 7am – 12pm). Parking is safe and plentiful! Park on the street or one of the two convenient parking lots that surround our building. 

The Education & Experience to Teach All Ages & Abilities

We are honored to be the chosen host studio for Master Pilates Instructors and industry leaders like Cara Reeser and Anula Maiberg, who present renowned Pilates continuing education courses right here in our studio. Through our commitment to staff continuing education in the lineage of Joe Pilates himself we achieve the full corrective benefits of Pilates for our clients.

Uniquely, due to experience, we teach to each individual even in the context of group training, artfully modify exercises when needed to address specific injuries or imbalances. Our total body workouts are intense but mindful. Thereby, we provide the full corrective benefits of Joe Pilates' original method, chief amongst them promoting a strong, supple spine.

Comprehensive Classical Training with Top Credentials

Aero Joe uniquely offers over 20 years of combined teaching experience in the Classical Pilates Method. Owner / Instructor Alison Page is a graduate of Cara Reeser's Heritage Training® Post-Graduate Studies Program in the lineage of Pilates Elder, Kathleen Stanford Grant.  The staff is helmed by Page and others with education from the most prestigious Pilates training institutions in the country, namely Peak Pilates and The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO. To offer the real Classical difference, our teachers are highly vetted with comprehensive credentials from renowned Classical institutions and Master Instructors. 

As a team, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our namesake, Joe Pilates’, method, while also keeping an eye on industry trends. Contemporary movement vocabulary is infused when it may inform or enhance our client's original method experience. As a fully equipped studio, we teach the entire Pilates system as Joe Pilates' intended, and our instructors are comprehensively trained on every apparatus. 

Recommended for Rehabilitative Pilates

In both our small group classes and private lessons you learn more than a list of exercises; you will realign your entire body through masterful instruction tailored to you. Aero Joe's teachers are recommended amongst the Birmingham physical therapy community for rehabilitation of arthritis,  joint replacements, and vertebral conditions such as fusions, herniated disks, and osteoporosis, to name only a few.

A Meaningful Wellness Community with a Purpose

Our clients range in age from 15 - 95 years (truly!), and join us from vast backgrounds. Our lead instructors specialize in rehabilitative Pilates and healing chronic pain. Our wealth of experience includes training professional athletes to those requiring post-surgical recovery.

Aero Joe teachers get to know clients on a personal level, understand what motivates each individual, and impart meaningful mind-body change. We know all change is difficult, but with our Aero Joe community you will feel welcome, supported, and excited about taking charge of your health!  

Innovative Aerial Yoga Opportunities 

We are the premiere Classical Pilates studio in Birmingham as well as the very first studio in Alabama to offer Aerial Yoga classes! We believe opportunities to participate in Aerial Yoga increase stamina, muscular balance, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, and motivation. Plus, it's just fun! No matter which of our services you choose, you will build a lean physique while feeling energized and restored.

Pilates as a Lifestyle

Choose to feel well again in your body from the inside-out. We are excited that Pilates can provide leaner thighs and chiseled abs, but we are even more passionate about changing your quality of life for the better!  Open community workshops and in-house licensed massage therapy help us foster a whole person approach. 


The complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit"... 
~ Joe Pilates