Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a constantly evolving, proven and safe system of focused exercise using a floor mat or a variety of equipment. Inventor, Joseph Pilates, developed the work to improve overall well being by transforming the way your body looks and performs. Pilates creates long, lean muscles.

Beyond appearance alone, Pilates improves mobility, agility, body awareness, posture, and more. It will even alleviate stubborn back pain! No matter what your age or physical condition, with dedication, it will work for you.

I see many of your group classes are full.  How can I get into a class?

We offer small classes in keeping with our mission to uphold the integrity of Joe Pilates’ original method.  This commitment to integrity extends also to our Aerial Program where safety is key.  Many of our regulars book recurring reservations.  (Please ask an instructor about a recurring reservation when you visit us or call 205.202.5758.) Because we do offer the convenience of a 3-month advance recurring reservation our classes look relatively full as you scroll through our schedule on-line.  However, clients do cancel!  Please check back often for cancellations, and don’t be afraid of the wait list!  If on a wait list you will receive an auto-email whenever a cancellation for the class occurs.  Many times our wait list clients find they do get a spot in a class (Receive notification that you gained a spot in class, but didn’t receive enough notice from us? No problem.  Your credit will be refunded to your account for later us. Please reply to the e-mail notification, and just let us know you cannot attend.)

Do you have a paid membership?

There is no paid membership at Aero Joe.  Participants may register for group classes at anytime via our website. Participants may sign up for a single class or multiple classes online. Our single class pricing conveniently allows new participants to experience Aero Joe without further commitment.

How do I sign up for group classes?

We offer small group classes and individualized attention. Because our class sizes are limited, all group classes require a reservation in advance.  To register please click “class schedule.”  You will be directed to our schedule in Mindbody Online. New clients will need to create an online account with us before classes may be scheduled. Once you have an online account, you may sign up for the classes you wish to attend. If you have trouble, prefer not to use the online system, or wish to speak with a staff member please call: 205.202.5758 or e-mail

Do I need to pre-pay for group classes?

We are so glad you have chosen Aero Joe! Pre-payment will be requested from new clients with online reservations. Classes are in demand, and due to our small class size, prepayment will be needed to guarantee your reservation. Please note that a complimentary membership allowing unpaid class sign ups will be provided to those who have made a class package purchase or to those clients who have consistently attended services for two or more months.  This membership will be automatically added to your online account when you qualify, and a purple emblem will appear next to your name, notating the new status.

How do I make an appointment for private or semi-private lessons?

Please e-mail ( or call 205.202.5758. Please include your availability in your messages to us. Online scheduling is not currently available for private and semi-private lessons.

Is experience required for group classes?

Experience is not required for any of our beginner level group classes!  

For those interested in Pilates Group Equipment Classes we do recommend participants take one private lesson on the equipment before registering for group classes.  If this is not an option due to schedule or budget, first time visitors without experience should register for classes labeled “Beginner.” (Please contact us directly if you wish to schedule a private lesson: or 205.202.5758)

Though we do always recommend at least one private lesson before starting group classes, first time visitors with prior experience may sign up for group classes with the exception of our intermediate/advanced level marked “Contact Us for Permission.” We welcome you to contact us directly to discuss class options or to schedule a private lesson: or 205.202.5758.

Please note that entrance to the intermediate/advanced level of Pilates Equipment or Aerial Yoga will be granted solely with the permission of the instructor.  Fitness level does not necessarily designate who is ready to advance. Students through dedicated attendance and mastery become proficient in specific skills to safely advance to the next level.

Is billing information required in advance?

We welcome you to Aero Joe! We do require billing info with reservations for all services.  When creating an online account with us in our MindBody Online system, you will be prompted to please enter billing information. When calling to schedule private training or a private event group, please have billing info ready to guarantee your reservations.

How can I be sure my online reservation is correct?

Ensure your reservation is correct by viewing your profile and schedule tab.

Please note that when using our online scheduling system only one reservation may be made per person. Please contact us directly for group scheduling. View our schedule online.

If I wish to attend multiple types of classes, what is my best payment option?

Your best payment option is the membership account payment. This is one easy payment that works like a debit account. This payment is good for all fitness services and offers all of the package discounts. See our pricing page for more info.

Can I schedule a special class for a group or a party?

Yes! We host special Pilates Mat or Aerial Yoga classes for any occasion.  Please call us one month in advance for best availability: 205-202-5758

Please note that when using our online scheduling system only one reservation may be made per person. Please contact us directly for group scheduling. View our schedule online.

What should I wear?

Wear what allows for ease of movement. Yoga-style pants and tops are recommended, but we also understand when you are having a “t-shirt” and shorts kind of day!!

However, to keep everyone safe and the aerial fabric clean, the dress code is different for those in Aerial Fitness classes:

Dress code for Aerial Fitness: Please no jewelry or loose clothing. Participants should wear tight fitting pants or leggings & a shirt with sleeves that covers the arm pit area. Any participants not properly attired will be rain checked for another day.


Terms and Conditions

  • New clients should arrive 5-minutes early to complete an intake sheet and waiver. You may also sign our waiver online. So as to not interrupt a class-in-progress, new client forms must be completed before the start time of class. Failure to arrive 5-minutes early for your first visit will result in your appointment being rain checked to another day. We appreciate your consideration in advance!
  • If a late arrival occurs, the lesson will end at the originally scheduled time in order not to inconvenience other clients or instructors.
  • If a late arrival of more than 15 minutes occurs the lesson will result in a late cancellation, and your account will be charged as if you attended your appointment.
  • If less than two persons are signed up on-line for a group class the class may be cancelled. Clients with class reservations will be notified in the event of cancellations. The on-line class schedule will reflect any class cancellations.
  • In the instance of a severe weather cancellations refunds will be made to your online profile for rebooking at a later date.  Please notify us if you need a severe weather related extension of a purchase expiration date.
  • Intermediate and advanced class prerequisites are one private lesson (for level evaluation) or permission of the instructor.
  • Please no jewelry, lipstick or very loose clothing.
  • Please no shoes around the studio. Socks are ok.  We have storage cubbies for shoes.
  • Aerial Yoga participants should wear tight fitting pants or leggings and a shirt that covers the armpit area.
  • Pilates students should wear yoga-type clothing that is comfortable to move in.  Most of our male Pilates students prefer to wear gym pants or gym shorts and t-shirts. Any participants not properly attired will be rain checked for another day.
  • Class instructors are subject to change without advance notice.
  • Please provide us with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of any appointment cancellations or modifications. If you modify or cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, your account will be charged as if you attended your appointment. (The 1st late cancel is a “freebie,” and your account will not be charged.)
  • Billing information and pre-payment must be given at the time of reservation.
  • Class reservations may be cancelled at the discretion of management if an account holds a negative balance.