Aerial Classes

Photo: Chuck St. John

Photo: Chuck St. John

Aerial Yoga

While we began as a Classical Pilates studio, we believe adding classes in Aerial Yoga builds our student’s stamina, strength & flexibility.  Aerial Yoga is an innovative program that blends elements of traditional yoga methodology with the unique conditioning of the aerial arts. Experience the benefits of yoga with the exhilaration of flight!

Aerial Dance

NEW Beg. / Intermediate Level Offering! (Starts September 11, 2017) Pre-requisite for Aerial Dance: 5 Aero Joe Aerial Yoga Classes OR Private Lesson Experience with Instructor Permission

This new class is designed for those who have already been building their upper body and core strength, and are ready to explore more advanced variations of our Aerial Yoga repertoire. Join us as we introduce the basics on the hammock slings -- spinning while inverting, exploring fluid, dance-like transitions and much more! Over time our participants will learn to link skills to form Cirque-style dance phrases. Feel like you are ready to take the Cirque du Soleil stage!

Please Note:

Dress code for Aerial Classes: Please no jewelry, lipstick or loose clothing. Participants should wear tight fitting pants or leggings & long sleeve shirts (or a short sleeve shirt that covers the armpit area). Any participants not properly attired will be rain checked for another day.

Minor Age Participants: Please contact the studio for age requirements for group class attendance.  A parent or guardian must sign a waiver for a minor student prior to class participation.

Registering Multiple Participants for Class: Each participants must register for class with their own account using our online system or you may contact us directly to place a group reservation.