Private Training


Please contact us to schedule private training.: 205-202-5758 or E-mail ( 

We teach Joe Pilates’ proven, original method in private sessions and semi-private sessions. Balanced Body equipment designed to the original specifications of Joe Pilates himself compliments the serene setting of our spacious studio.  Our studio offers the complete system as Joe designed: reformer, tower, cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector and mat. Our certified, classical method instructors are experienced in training beginner students to advanced athletes and even those in need of post surgical rehabilitation. You will build a long, lean physique while feeling energized and restored.(Aerial Yoga private training is also available upon request.)

Pilates Group Classes


Pilates Group Equipment Classes


A Note to First Time Visitors:

  • Welcome! Thank you for choosing Aero Joe.
  • Please note group classes require a pre-paid reservation in advance. Single class is pricing available with no further commitment!
  • First time visitors without experience are welcome to attend “Beginner” group classes.
  • Please note, we do recommend at least one Pilates private lesson before starting Pilates classes utilizing the equipment (Reformer/Tower/Chair), but recognize this isn’t always feasible for all schedules and budgets.  
  • We welcome you to contact us directly to discuss the best class options for you or to schedule a private lesson: or 205.202.5758.
  • Please note when using our online scheduling system only one reservation may be made per person. Please contact us directly for group scheduling. View our schedule online

Pilates Reformer Classes
Using Joe Pilates’ reformer apparatus, our reformer classes are challenging and individualized small group classes. Our reformer classes are limited to only four persons, insuring you receive the personalized corrective benefits of the method that only a small class size can provide. Consisting of a moving carriage, a set of springs, straps and ropes, the structure of the Reformer itself is designed to strengthen the core, tone the surrounding parts of the body, and increase flexibility using your own body weight.

Pilates Tower Classes
A tower class is a small group Pilates class which utilizes Joseph Pilates’ Tower Apparatus. The structure is essentially the same as the Pilates Cadillac, using springs and bars as attachments to increase resistance, and improve postural imbalances.

Pilates Reformer / Tower Classes
This class alternates weekly between use of the reformer and use of the tower.

Pilates Group Equipment
Experience the full Pilates system! This class alternates weekly between use of the Reformer, Tower & Chair.

Pilates Chair Classes
The ultimate Pilates equipment challenge and a true total body work out.

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      Pilates Mat Classes

      Experience Pilates on the mat to build long, lean muscle. A dedicated practice is guaranteed to lessen the circumference of hips and thighs, diminish chronic back pain, and increase overall health and well-being.

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      Cross Training



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      Aerial Yoga:

      While we are a classical Pilates studio, we believe cross training in aerial yoga builds our student’s stamina, strength & flexibility.  Aerial Yoga is an innovative program that blends elements of traditional yoga methodology with the unique conditioning of the aerial arts. Experience the benefits of yoga with the exhilaration of flight!

    • Please note when using our online scheduling system only one reservation may be made per person. Please contact us directly for group scheduling. View our schedule online

      Dress code for Aerial Yoga:Please no jewelry, lipstick or loose clothing. Participants should wear tight fitting pants or leggings & long sleeve shirts (or a short sleeve shirt that covers the armpit area). Any participants not properly attired will be rain checked for another day.

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Other General Info:


New clients should arrive 5-minutes early to complete an intake sheet and waiver. So as to not interrupt a class-in-progress, new client forms must be completed before the start time of class.  Failure to arrive 5-minutes early for your first visit will result in your appointment being rain checked to another day. We appreciate your consideration in advance!

If a late arrival occurs, the lesson will end at the originally scheduled time in order not
to inconvenience other clients or instructors.

If a late arrival of more than 15 minutes occurs the lesson will result in a late
cancellation, and your account will be charged as if you attended your appointment.

If less than two persons are signed up on-line for a group class the class may be cancelled. Clients with class reservations will be notified in the event of cancellations. The on-line class schedule will reflect any class cancellations.

Intermediate and advanced class prerequisites are one private lesson (for level evaluation) or permission of the instructor.

Please no jewelry, lipstick or very loose clothing.

Please no shoes around the studio. Socks are ok.  We have storage cubbies for shoes.

Aerial Yoga participants should wear tight fitting pants or leggings and a shirt that covers the armpit area.

Pilates students should wear yoga-type clothing that is comfortable to move in.  Most of our male Pilates students prefer to wear gym pants or gym shorts and t-shirts. Any participants not properly attired will be rain checked for another day.

Class instructors are subject to change without advance notice.

Please provide us with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice of any appointment
cancellations or modifications. If you modify or cancel an appointment with less than
24 hours’ notice, your account will be charged as if you attended your appointment. (The 1st late cancel is a “freebie,” and your account will not be charged.)

Billing information and pre-payment must be given at the time of reservation.

Class reservations may be cancelled at the discretion of management if an account holds a negative balance.